Restaurants in Lindenthal

Lindenthal - Relaxing peace not far from the centre of Cologne

Lindenthal is a large, beautiful district in Cologne with many green spaces for relaxation. It is a very popular place to live, because the streets are well maintained and old villas well preserved. When exploring Lindenthal, it is worth turning into the side streets of the shopping mile at Dürener Straße, where you can find cute little shops with myriad unique offerings. 

Don't feel like shopping? Then relax in the Stadtwald, the highlight of Lindenthal. A very beautiful zoo awaits you here. Further quiet places are by the water, namely at the Rautenstrauchkanal, as well as at the Decksteiner- and Adenauer Weiher. Speaking of which, Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of Germany, lived in Lindenthal for many years. For this and the proximity of University of Cologne, one of the largest universities in Germany, the district is known nationwide.

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Since the inhabitants of Lindenthal tend to be good earners, the restaurants also play in the upper league. Fine cuisine and excellent service are the top priorities in this gastronomic scene. You can rely on the quality of Lindenthal restaurants, nevertheless, it is always a matter of filtering out the best restaurants for your cravings!

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