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Ehrenfeld - A trendy, multi-cultural district in Cologne

Ehrenfeld, a popular district in the west of Cologne, is hip, multicultural and full of life. In Ehrenfeld “Veedel” , a Cologne word for quarter, visitors can marvel at the largest mosque in Germany, an impressive architectural gem located just off famous shopping mile Venloer Street. Whether you’re from Cologne or a valued guest, this building is a must-see.

Ehrenfeld has a lot of culture to offer. The district is a stronghold for graffiti artists, dancers and free spirits in Cologne. Murals by international artists can be discovered on many street corners; as a former working-class, industrial district the beauty of Ehrenfeld is unconventional and raw. However,, the alternative and creative spirit of Ehrenfeld can always be felt. DiscoEat will help you to get to know the best corners of this quirky neighbourhood through its best restaurants.

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The Helios site is not only a cool industrial scenery, but a concert and club landscape as well as the venue for the monthly Street Food Festival. Fusion and authentic cuisines from all over the world can be tasted here in its finest form. If you're looking for a cosy and memorable restaurant experience in Ehrenfeld, you've come to the right place. We will show you the top restaurants in Cologne’s Ehrenfeld, and grab you a discount off your meal!

On the DiscoEat platform, you’ll find a preselection of all restaurants in Ehrenfeld, all of which have been carefully selected and are rated to be among the best in Köln. Reserve a table for you and your loved ones with DiscoEat today and experience all that Ehrenfeld has to offer. Guten Appetit!

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