Restaurants in Altstadt - Süd

Altstadt-Süd - so many exciting discoveries in the heart of Cologne!

The historic old town is the heart of Cologne. It is divided into north and south areas, with the south in particular including countless highlights such as the Rheinau-harbour, the chocolate museum and old Roman walls. For the historians amongst you, relicts like Hahnentor, Severinstorburg and Ulrepforte from the Middle Ages are particularly interesting. Otherwise, take a walk to the famous “Kranhäuser” on the banks of the Rhine. There, old and new are combined and architectural history written.

Are you looking for action? Cologne’s hotspots in this quarter are around the Neumarkt and in the so-called Südstadt. Ideal shopping opportunities with original Cologne flair await you here. Cool bars and restaurants are everywhere, but this can make it almost impossible to decide where to dine. Enter: DiscoEat!

Discover the best restaurants in Altstadt-Süd with DiscoEat

Altstadt-Süd offers everyone the perfect restaurant with just the right atmosphere for any occasion. From rustic, to timeless, to ultra modern, in Cologne’s Altstadt-Süd, there are many different cuisines and styles to choose from. Most of the restaurants here are located in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine, which can really sweeten your lunch or dinner. Because who doesn't get romantic when looking at a pretty river? DiscoEat can help you find the best of the bunch, and grab you a tasty discount, too!

On the DiscoEat platform, you’ll find a preselection of all restaurants in Altstadt-Süd, all of which have been carefully selected and are rated to be among the best in Cologne. Reserve a table for you and your loved ones with DiscoEat today and experience all that the old town of Cologne has to offer. Guten Appetit!

How to book a table in Cologne with DiscoEat

It’s so simple:

  • Access the platform on a web or mobile device
  • Select the area you want to dine in and filter by cuisine
  • Choose one of the great restaurants listed on our platform, exclusively qualified by us
  • Pick the time combination that fits you best - and book!

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