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Love to go out for dinner? Always on the lookout for good restaurants in Cologne? Then, you've come to the right place! DiscoEat will introduce you to the best restaurants in Cologne. Especially in this urban metropolis, choosing a restaurant can be hard. After all, there are over 1100 restaurants! Being overwhelmed by choice is a very real possibility in Cologne. But, never-fear! DiscoEat will find you only the best-rated restaurants, according to your cuisine preferences or location, all waiting to be discovered by you. As a DiscoEat guest, you will be treated just the same as every other guest, and will be treated to a time-dependent discount of up to 50%, every day!

There sure is a lot going on in Cologne’s culinary scene. From chic eateries, to down-to-earth restaurants, to trendy bistros, you’ll find everything that your heart desires on the streets of this buzzing German city. Most restaurants in Cologne have an unmistakable “Kölsche” charm that’s impossible to deny. The city's top restaurants are as multicultural as Cologne's inhabitants - here you can try out a multitude of cuisines of top quality in gorgeous surrounds. So, if you want to get to know the best restaurants in Cologne, get inspired by our platform and reserve your first table as a DiscoEater.

Discover the best places to eat out in Cologne

Among the most popular and best places in Cologne are the districts Ehrenfeld, the Belgian quarter, Altstadt and Neustadt. Italian, German and Asian cuisine are particularly popular. We are more than happy to give you an insight into Cologne's gastronomic scene; its location on the mighty Rhine in the most densely populated federal state means that the people in Cologne are very diverse. Cologne is an attractive city for immigrants and continues to develop. And thus, so does the restaurant scene!

Typical Cologne dishes are Halve Hahn (half chicken) and Matjessalat (matje salad), because Dutch trading partners at the time exported huge quantities of herring and cheese to Cologne. A new hype has also proven itself: Korean cuisine. In the 1960s, many Korean women came to Cologne as nurses; a few generations later, the time had come to introduce the people of Cologne to this new cuisine in Germany. And the Cologners love it! In recent years, Syrian and Lebanese restaurants have also established themselves. Thanks to Cologne's integrative attitude, you can discover your new favourite restaurant from a huge selection and try cuisines from around the world. Have fun discovering!

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