Restaurants in Weißensee

Weißensee - An enclave of greenery in unique East Berlin

The district of Weißensee located northeast of central Berlin is a verdant and quiet retreat for many Berliners. The natural lido located at “Weiße See” (white lake) puts this area on the radar of many during warmer seasons and makes a perfect dog-walking spot during cooler months, thanks to its beautiful lake-side trails.

Bordering hip but pricy Prenzlauer Berg, Weißensee is the perfect spot for those looking for something a little bit different thanks to its low population and unusual points of interest. For lovers of the macabre, head to the old abandoned children's hospital, which looms ominously over the edge of a forest (but maybe bring someone with you).

History lovers will also be sated; Weißensee is also home to the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, with over 100,000 graves and a memorial to the Second World War. With its many parks, trails and points of interest, you could easily spend an entire day in Weißensee without running out of things to do. However, exploring Weißensee is hungry work! Luckily, DiscoEat has your back. Weißensee is full of great restaurants which DiscoEat can help you discover, book and enjoy with a tasty discount off your meal at the end. What are you waiting for?

Discover the best restaurants in Weißensee with DiscoEat

Weißensee is worth visiting for its great restaurants and cafes alone. You may not find the same culinary diversity that exists in neighbouring Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte, but what you will find is authentic local spots, away from the typical tourist menus and prices which blight the more visited neighbourhoods. Head towards the lido, where you’ll find great food and the likelihood of an awesome view, too.

On the DiscoEat, you’ll find a preselection of all restaurants in Weißensee, all of which have been carefully selected and are rated to be among the best in Berlin. Reserve a table for you and your loved ones with DiscoEat today and experience all that Weißensee has to offer. Guten Appetit!

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