Restaurants in Wedding

Forays through Wedding - Berlin's international quarter

Wedding is one of the most multicultural districts in Berlin and inspires the gourmets of DiscoEat with a wide range of culinary delights. In the northwest of the capital and only a few underground stations away from Mitte, you can walk around the houses between Leopoldstraße and Seestraße, for example. In the shade of the brick Nazareth Church you will discover numerous cult bars, Turkish snack shops and restaurants, Bulgarian shops, Afroshops and much more. Only a few minutes away is the African Quarter. Originally the neighbourhood got its nickname from the colonial street names. In the meantime, however, it has also become a real hotspot of the black community in Berlin. Nearby, the Volkspark Rehberge tempts visitors to barbecue and do sports in the summer. You can walk from here to the Plötzensee and the banks of the Spree. Another cultural hotspot is Wedding station with restaurants, pubs and international markets.

Discover the restaurants in Wedding with DiscoEat - Discover & Eat

The Wedding is known throughout Berlin for its excellent selection of Turkish and Arabic cuisine, among other things. So you can go to a high-quality kebab house and taste meat skewers grilled over charcoal as well as Köfte. Many other specialities are also offered, such as the dessert Künefe. Another hot tip is the baklava and Simit bakeries around Leopoldplatz. Along Müllerstraße you will also discover many Lebanese and Syrian restaurants serving hummus, falafel and delicious meze pastes. DiscoEat also recommends you to try the African dishes in the neighbourhood: Peanut stews like Domoda and Mafé, Benechin rice and Yassa are among the culinary highlights from West Africa. Close to the underground station Seestraße, real insider tips of Chinese and Korean cuisine continue to await you - here, authentic cooking is particularly popular. There are also some restaurants with German home cooking in Wedding. In these traditional pubs you can enjoy the local Eschenbräu, among other things.

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