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Turkish cuisine - Oriental enjoyment in Berlin 

The origins of Turkish cuisine go back far into the past and are based on the cooking traditions of the nomadic Turkic peoples. Throughout the centuries, this cooking tradition has blended with a wide variety of cuisines, such as Indian, Persian and Caucasian cuisine. Thus the transitions to Balkan cuisine appear fluent. 

Small appetizers, the so-called Meze, are often served as starters in Turkish cuisine. In addition, there is a variety of different bread and pastries. Typical main courses are kebap, köfte, pide and pilavlar. A famous dessert is baklava, a sweet cake consisting of pistachios, puff pastry and sugar water. 

By the way, the doner kebab as we know it comes from Berlin, which is why there are numerous Turkish restaurants to be found here, which now are to be discovered with DiscoEat! Furthermore, you can have a great Turkish breakfast in Berlin, so try something new.

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