Thai – Sweet, sour, hot and salty

In Thai restaurants, it is quite common to order "community dishes", where the main dishes are placed in several bowls in the middle of the table. So, you can put together your individual dish from rice, fish, meat and vegetables and share it with your friends and family. If you are interested in an authentic Thai taste experience, then you can discover the best Thai restaurants in Berlin on the DiscoEat platform.

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Thailand is famous for fascinating temples & ruins, beautiful beaches & islands and of course for a culinary Mecca. The country's own Thai cuisine is special, as the original cuisine merged centuries ago by Chinese, Indian and European influences to a new Thai cuisine.

Due to the proximity of the country to the ocean, water animals, water plants and rice were everyday dishes of a Thai. Over time, however, Thai cooking habits changed due to imports, such as Portuguese chili peppers, which brought more spiciness to the country. 

Eating Thai food usually means to experience 4 flavours at the same time, namely: sweet, sour, hot and salty. In addition, a meal is based almost exclusively on either jasmine rice ("Thai scented rice") or “sticky rice”, which is not cooked but steamed in bamboo pots.

Here is a fun fact for you. The typical Thai curry (Kaeng), which you have certainly tried before, does not contain any curry at all. The basis for this dish is a spice paste prepared from roots, leaves, chili and shrimp paste in a mortar.

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