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Discover Sushi in Berlin with DiscoEat 

Hardly any other dish apart from pizza is as popular as sushi. The Japanese speciality consists of cooled, acidified rice in combination with fish, seafood, vegetables, egg or tofu, surrounded by dried and roasted seaweed. 

The finalization of the sushi form we know today took place in the early 20th century. However, Japanese sushi masters, keen to experiment, are constantly on the hunt for new compositions and variants of the healthy and delicious dish. 

The well-known form of sushi, which is served in bite-sized pieces in a visually appealing way, comes from Tokyo, the former Edo. Surprisingly, however, the origins of this popular dish are not Japanese. Actually, the forerunner of sushi was only intended to preserve fish. In this respect, the fish was placed in containers, which were then filled with rice. By the following fermentation the fish became durable, the sour rice got disposed. 

Japanese restaurants as well as all-you-can-eat sushi are very much in demand today and therefore should not go unmentioned on our platform.

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