Restaurants in Steglitz

Steglitz - Urban peachiness in green belt

Steglitz is a bourgeois district in the southwest of Berlin in which many families, children and pensioners live. Steglitz is green, like hardly anywhere else in the iconically grey city! Most houses are quietly situated and even have a front garden, an unusual sight in the capital of Germany. Fortunately, many buildings and villas from before the war are still intact, so you can see the famous “Altbau” construction method wherever you look.

If you stroll through Steglitz, why not visit Berlin's Botanical Garden? Tropical plants, a beautifully designed garden and a fairytale-like glass building make for an enchanting afternoon. The Schlosspark Theater amidst the greenery is also worth a visit, as there are regularly great comedy events held here. Even though Steglitz is not as adventurous as districts such as Mitte, that’s not to say that Steglitz is boring. Many students live in Steglitz, because world-renowned Freie Universität Berlin is based here.

Discover the best restaurants in Steglitz with DiscoEat

We can promise you that there is not only nature and beautiful architecture to discover in Steglitz. The distinctive gastronomic scene is also worth discovering. Steglitz offers a great selection of different restaurants and cuisine types. Whether you crave German, Italian, Indian or Asian food, Steglitz has something to sate your appetite. You can definitely eat well in Steglitz, but you have to know where. This is where DiscoEat comes to your rescue! 

On the DiscoEat platform, you’ll find a preselection of all restaurants in Steglitz, all of which have been carefully selected and are rated to be among the best in Berlin. Reserve a table for you and your loved ones with DiscoEat today and experience all that Steglitz has to offer. Guten Appetit!

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