Wichertstraße 33, Prenzlauer Berg, 10437 Berlin

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Garlic bread, garlic spaghetti, and homemade potato chips with garlic dip. Standard restaurant fare, right? What about strawberries in garlic batter? "Dracula's revenge" soup? Are you sensing a theme? You can be sure that no Vampires will be after you after your meal at Knofel - Berlin’s first and only garlic-themed restaurant.

Located in the heart of trendy Prenzlauer Berg, you’ll find garlic in all its tasty forms at Knofel. But, don’t worry - this is more than just a gimmick; the menu of Knofel is well-designed and its dishes are varied and complex. Just very, very garlicky. At this restaurant, you’ll enjoy great service and unique taste compositions in a homely atmosphere. Garlick haters can also join your table - simply ask for your meal with no (or less) garlic. But where’s the fun in that?

Knopfel also offers their Dracula-free basement for parties, which can be booked for events, as well as their in-house band! Either way, guests who reserve a table at Knofel can enjoy something new to tell their friends about (after a Tic-Tac) as well as a tasty discount with DiscoEat.

- Unique garlic restaurant in Berlin
- Garlic-free alternatives
- Close to Prenzlauer Allee

Opening Hours

Monday: 18:00-23:00

Tuesday: 18:00-23:00 Wednesday: 18:00-23:00 Thursday: 18:00-23:00 Friday: 18:00-23:00 Saturday: 18:00-23:00 Sunday: 18:00-23:00

Address and Map

Wichertstraße 33, Prenzlauer Berg, 10437 Berlin, Get directions

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