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Marzahn - More than meets the eye

Hardly any other part of Berlin has such a reputation as Marzahn. Many associate the ‘neighbourhood’ of roughly 100,000 people with grey prefabricated housing blocks, boarded up shops and dated cafes. The area, roughly 15 kilometres from Alexanderplatz, has also had its fair share of bad-press in recent years, with a cursory Google search returning results such as ‘social problems’ and even ‘neo-Nazis’. However, there’s more to Marzahn than meets the eye.

In Berlin’s trendier spots such as Kreuzberg and Neukolln, ordering a sandwich getting change back from a fiver is a rare occurrence, and you’re more likely to find an average and over-hyped sushi joint with an eyewatering following on Instagram than a genuine, authentic family restaurant. There is charm and even cheeriness to be found amongst Marzahn’s primary-coloured towers, and the restaurants, and indeed people you’ll find here will be no-nonsense, salt-of-the-earth types. No Berliner, foreign or otherwise, can really say they know the city until they leave the comfortable, gentrified bubbles of Fridrichshein, Mitte and the likes, and venture into where real working class communities, the kind that fortify Berlin’s gritty, sexy, cool image, really live.

Attractions in Marzahn are limited, but unique. Worth seeing is the Flower Tower, the highest work of façade art in Europe. During your trip to this former GDR district, you can enjoy the view from the roof of a prefabricated building at over 70 metres with a guide. A floor grid on a ledge lets you see into the depths at lofty heights. Marzahn is also home to some famous gardens, and was the site of 2017’s international garden exhibition. The Anger village of Alt-Marzahn, a historic old village with a windmill and the Kienberg viewing platform also have a lot to offer.

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