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Lichtenberg - Original Berliners and their restaurants

As a former workers’ district, Lichtenberg is characterized by its stark yet charming industrial and prefabricated buildings, hallmarks of the GDR era. At that time, architects used to experiment on the ground of Lichtenberg, resulting in the construction of the first ‘type 2’ prefabricated building here. However, far from just being the home of these iconic (or notorious, depending on your position) buildings, Lichtenberg is also home to the Rococo Palace in Friedrichsfelde, the impressive Stasi complex and stylish modern architecture, reflecting the complex history of the district. Visitors to Lichtenberg will also notice one thing - the people. The inhabitants of Lichtenburg are down-to-earth and cordial, unlike the stern Berliners of more visited central districts.

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The district of Lichtenberg in Berlin offers many possibilities for eating out. Hearty German cuisine, as well as other European cuisines such as Greek and Italian make up the bulk of Lichtenberg's restaurant scene. However, if you’re looking for culinary delights from outside the EU, the legendary Don Xuan Center, based on a market of the same name in Hanoi, is well known for granting visitors a truly authentic Vietnamese experience.

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