Italian - The most popular cuisine of the world 

Italian cuisine is probably one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and when you think of all the delicacies it has to offer, this fact is hardly surprising. 

Pasta, pizza, olive oil, parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola, Parma ham and salami are all part of an indulgence-oriented lifestyle a la dolce vita, just like coffee with a cake.

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The Italian's main meal is dinner, which consists of a starter, two main courses and a dessert. In addition, the extensive local wine offer is also very convincing. Eating the Italian way includes, at least in Italy, a rich and often regionally varied range of dishes, which is due to the climatic and geographical differences in the interior.

Finally, a little historical excursion before you can start to discover your new favourite restaurant with DiscoEat: the Italian cuisine is historically differentiated into Cucina Alto-Borghese, the cuisine of higher stands and the Cucina Povera, which includes regional peasant dishes. 

No matter what you are looking for, many Italian restaurants within Berlin have the right offer for you and DiscoEat will help you find the most suitable offers for a successful restaurant stay!

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