Indian delicacies to enjoy with DiscoEat 

The Indian cuisine is probably one of the most multifaceted and regionally diverse cuisines in the world. This diversity is not only due to the enormous size of the country, but also to religious and cultural differences within the Federal Republic of India, which includes 29 states.

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If you are now curious about exploring the best of Berlin's Indian restaurants and would like to go out for a delicious Indian meal, this might be the right time to gather some information while waiting for your companions. 

Characteristic for the Indian cuisine are curries and the use of numerous spices such as turmeric, coriander, cardamom or cumin. Purely vegetarian dishes play an important role alongside meals, while chicken is very popular due to the fact that it can be used regardless of religion and caste. Usually proteins are integrated into the diet in form of pulses and dairy products. Due to colonial western influences, tomatoes, potatoes and chillies also reached India and therefore became part of the menu. Enjoy discovering the Indian restaurants on our platform!

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