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Rediscover the German cuisine with DiscoEat! 

Earlier clichés about the German cuisine are obsolete and there is an increasing return to gourmet cuisine and slow food, which, contrary to all assumptions about German cuisine, also means a reduced consumption of meat. 

Cooking styles and culinary specialities vary by region and federal state. There has also been a major change in German cuisine since the 1950s, which has been caused by immigration, mass tourism, globalisation and industrialisation. 

At the same time, top gastronomy reached a high global status in 2015. In 2015, German restaurants were awarded the third most Michelin stars worldwide and thus placed themselves directly behind Japan and France. 

Those, who are already keen to discover great German restaurants in Berlin together with DiscoEat, should not forget about the icing on the cake! As the German cuisine also impresses with great desserts such as Frankfurter Kranz, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, marzipan and all kinds of delicious Christmas biscuits.

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