Fusion - The Best From All Worlds 

Fusion cuisine is a mixture or combination of a traditional dish with ingredients or dishes from other regions. Famous examples are probably the Cuban cuisine, which combines Spanish, African and Caribbean elements, or the American Tex-Mex cuisine, which originated in the southern states of the USA as a fusion between Mexican and Texan cuisine.

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There is another dish that will probably surprise you for this category: the original Berliner Currywurst, which is an ensemble of a classic German sausage, American ketchup and Indian curry powder. 

Fusion cuisine does not always have to be a combination of different ingredients or dishes. It can also, as the Cajun cuisine, develop from an adaptation to available resources. Thus Cajun cuisine is influenced by French, Spanish, African, German and Italian cuisine, but has been adapted to the food available in the Mississippi Delta. 

Incidentally, Fusion Cuisine originated from the California Cuisine of the USA during the 1980s.  

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