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French Cuisine - From Haute Cuisine to Delicious Croissants 

Hardly any kitchen is as well known and of such high quality as the French one, which is proven not only by the fact that the French meal was declared part of the immaterial world cultural heritage in 2010. 

Already in the 19th century, haute cuisine, i.e. upscale cuisine, originated in France. Therefore, food and above all a pleasurable meal is an essential part of the French culture. 

Besides, what would we be without the delicacies that this cuisine has to offer? Croissant, Camembert, Baguette or onion soup, the French national cuisine is versatile and offers a rich selection of the most diverse dishes, from stews of the countryside, such as Coq au Vin or Cassoulet, tarte flambée from Alsace to multi-course menus.

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