Asian dining in Berlin 

If you are a lover of Asian cuisine Berlin is the perfect city for you - whether Persian restaurant or Dim Sum, no matter what you feel like in our capital you will find it. There is probably no other cuisine as varied as the Asian one. Quite plausible when you consider that Asia is the largest continent in the world. From Vietnamese Pho soup to Chinese dumplings, Asian specialities differ by region and country. As an example, in large parts of Asia dairy products are avoided, while in Kazakhstan or Mongolia their use dominates. Asian cuisine also impresses with a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables. The success of Asian restaurants all over the world is hardly surprising, neither is it surprising that there so wonderfully many of them in Berlin.

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The German capital lives from its diversity in every respect. There's probably nothing in Berlin that doesn't exist - and if you ever get the chance to spend a longer time here, you hardly get surprised. There are insider scenes to which you first have to find access or places that you have to discover for yourself.

One thing, however, immediately catches the eye: the numerous and varied Asian restaurants of the multi-million city: Indian restaurants that delight with spicy curries, Korean restaurants that offer classic bibimbaps, street food from Thailand or Pho soup in one of the city's great Vietnamese restaurants - whatever you're hungry for, you'll find it here. Shaped as small, tranquil oases in the middle of the hectic metropolis, which immediately stand out from their urban surroundings.

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