American Dining In Berlin 

If you are interested in eating American food without having to eat at classic fast-food chains, you have come to the right place - Berlin and DiscoEat offer it. 

In addition to numerous individual burger shops, our capital convinces with other great American restaurants - let yourself be inspired by the diversity of Berlin’s gastronomic scene and discover authentic American Diners or the best Pancakes in town with DiscoEat! 

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The American Cuisine 

American cuisine is a culinary melting pot and captivates with numerous reinterpretations of different dishes from various countries and continents. In addition to classic hamburgers and hotdogs, there is plenty of culinary delights to discover. For example the so-called Soulfood of the South, which involves ribs and chicken wings. Or the Tex Mex kitchen, the US spin on Mexican food like burritos. Californian cuisine is characterized by Asian and Mediterranean influences and accordingly contains a lot of fish, seafood and vegetables. Baked beans and apple pie are an English remnant and are happily consumed in New England next to a giant lobster roll. USA home-style food is rather hearty and fatty, but who doesn't enjoy a juicy hamburger or a tasty hot dog every now and then?

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